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IEILS Education Al Ain is networked with Major hospitals in UAE and assist our best performing students on Internship in medical billing & coding.


According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, the medical billing and coding field is expected to grow by 15% between now and 2024.


A medical billing coding career provides the opportunity to enter the health care field without the physical demands of many health care jobs.

Why IEILS Al Ain ?

IEILS has proved to be an indispensable platform for providing training in Medical Billing & Coding Field and provide the best training in Al AIn.

Why Medical Coding?

According to the, the average medical coding specialist salary in UAE between 60k to 124k.

Medical coding is the first step of the medical billing process. Right coding leads to unambiguous billing process sufficing the needs of both service provider as well as the claimer. Healthcare system has a huge array of procedures, treatments, services and products made available to the patient’s. This makes accurate medical coding process even more important and therefore necessitates the need of skilled and proficient medical coders.

HCPCS, ICD and CPT are the essential medical coding textbooks or rule books. Since it is a centralized system, standardization of coding terminology is essential and thus, these textbooks are the reference point. Medical coding professional need to have complete and accurate knowledge of the medical coding norms and regulations alongside with apt dedication for their field! This is necessary as these people are trusted by the patients as well as the service providers (Doctors, clinicians, insurance companies etc.). They need to be dependable with all the crucial medical information of the patient plus is reliable for adequately coding the documented information which is used in the billing process.

What We Offer?

Medical Coding for Freshers

We offers industry relevant knowledge and Training for “In Demand” careers in Healthcare for freshers.

Training Program for ICD¬10

Coding Experience or equivalent eligibility for Basic Coding.

CPC Certification Training Program

The Certified Professional Coder CPC® medical coding program is designed to prepare you to pass the CPC® certification exam, administered through the AAPC.

Specialty Training, Any Section of CPT

The speciality training is provided on request. The Certified Professional Coder CPC Certification Training Program covers everything you need to be prepared to take the CPC® Exam.

IEILS Education

A specialty training institute focused on bridging the gap between the individual and the requisite Professional Skills. Our professional team is an assortment of expertise from varied fields. We have evolved as a complete training solution and this we owe it to the blend of professional knowledge, expertise in training skills and experience.

The training methodology has a strong Technical basis along with Psychology, along with a balanced blend of empirical learning and self-exploration. We understand, "You never get a second chance to make a good first Impression. "Are We Different, Yes we are.

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Our Courses

Established in 1993, International English Institute for Language Studies (I.E.I.L.S) has become one of UAE’s premier Educational Institution, enrolling 1500 students annually from different countries. Learn English from one of the most experienced language centers. The world has almost become a global village and interaction among the nations is inevitable and the process has already begun. Many programs for development are initiated by the world bodies like the UN, the World Bank, IMF and others. Consequently, all the more reason to develop the communication skills and grab the chances immediately.



Courses are conducted in eight levels; each level builds on the language skills already acquired from school/university or work experience, or from the skills taught at the previous level.At each level, the course carefully combines listening and speaking skills.

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For all those who wish to study abroad in some of the finest universities/colleges of the world, tests such as IELTS, OET, TOEFL, CELPIP, EMSAT, PTP etc. are very important. Many reputable colleges/universities demand the scores from such tests to proceed with the admission process.

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According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, the medical billing and coding field is expected to grow by 15% by 2024. That's almost 30,000 job openings coming years. Not only are there a large number of job openings in coding and billing, many of these jobs are fairly lucrative.

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Our courses will provide the complete knowledge about basic computer operations to advanced programing and database administration.Our faculties are very efficient and will help the students to get the clear knowledge about the latest technologies.

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