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About Our Institution

International English Institute for Language Studies (IEILS) is a group of premier institutions imparting quality education in the field of languages since 1993.The philosophy behind setting up of these institutes was to equip the students with excellent communication skills in English to enable them to take advantage of various opportunities available in public and private sectors. The world has almost become a global village and interaction among the nations is inevitable and the process has already begun. Many programs for development are initiated by the world bodies like the UN, the World Bank, IMF and others. Consequently, all the more reason to develop the communication skills and grab the chances immediately.English is a common language of business and commercial transactions across the Anglo-phone countries, and anyone not equipped with good command of English is very unlikely to meet the challenges in the job market as well as in the fields of higher education, commerce and industry.

In view of all these factors IEILS has employed a different system that is more effective and allows the student to interact directly with the teacher instead of being a passive listener. Moreover, this system minimizes the application of so called “aids” that deprive the students to get appropriate answers to their questions and restrict the area of study. This method allows the students to establish direct rapport with the teacher who-in turn-guides them accordingly. The course and system were designed in Australia by a number of experts and tested on almost forty different language groups before making them an exclusive course material for IEILS establishments in the United Arab Emirates.