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GED – General Education Development:


If your reason for taking the GED tests is to go on to college or postsecondary training, you aren’t alone. More than 60% of GED test-takers say they intend to further their education beyond the GED program. Oracle 9i: DBA Fundamentals II (1z0-032)-36 Hrs. Oracle performance Tuning (1z0-033) - 30 Hrs.

Ninety-five percent of US colleges and Universities recognize the GED credential. Passing the GED tests, with an average score of 500, for instance, puts you in the upper half (top 50%) in terms of class rank, and lets colleges know that you have the skills and knowledge equivalent to applicants from traditional high schools.

The GED Tests the following areas:

  1. Language Arts, Writing
  2. Social Studies
  3. Science
  4. Language Arts, Reading
  5. Mathematics



  1. Opportunity for adults to continue their education.
  2. 95% of US colleges and universities accept GED graduates who meet their other qualifications for admission
  3. 96% of employers accept the GED credential as equal to a traditional high school diploma Dates and Times:
  4. Test given on all working days
  5. CBT and PBT pattern available


Test Format:

  1. Test administered on 2 separate days
  2. Part 1 - Consists of Language Arts (multiple choice, essay, and reading; lasts 4hrs
  3. Part 2 – Consists of Social Studies, Science, Math and lasts about 4hrs



  1. Peachtree-Accounting Software20 Hrs.
  2. Tall-Accounting Software20 Hrs.



  1. Auto CAD 2009 - 40 Hrs.
  2. Graphic Designing (Photoshop, Illustator, PageMaker, Corel Draw, Quark Express)-70 Hrs.
  3. Adob Photoshop CS1 - 5 Hrs.
  4. Adob Illustrator CS1 - 5 Hrs.
  5. Adob PageMaker1 - 5 Hrs.
  6. CorelDraw - 15 Hrs. , Quark Express - 15 Hrs.
  7. Project Planners
  8. Primavera-Sure Track25 Hrs
  9. Multymedia&Animation Tools
  10. Micromedia Flash - 25 Hrs.
  11. 3D Studio Max-Advanced(Including Basics)-75 Hrs.
  12. 3D Studio Max - (Basics) - 25 Hrs.